Qualatex Balloon Training

Pioneer Europe Ltd and its approved distributors are committed to furthering industry education and helping you make more money with Qualatex. Qualatex the manufacturer of high quality balloons (www.qualatex.com) has been teaching people for more than 15 years and has a well established reputation.

Our team of dedicated instructors are constantly updating their courses, working with the latest new products and techniques to give you the best experience and build your confidence to expand your portfolio.

We offer training for any occasion at any level from beginners to more experienced artists. During our one day workshop you will receive step by step tuition in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Additionally we organise or sponsor Events in many European destinations. The Events are based on 3 days of classes with popular instructors and various social events throughout the convention. This is an excellent way to build your business, knowledge and skills while having fun.

Courses available: Qualatex Balloon Training


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