Care and Share Star Lecture

Care and Share Star Lecture

Teacher: Graham Lee

Provider: Balloon Art Wholesale

Location: Care & Share Star Lecture Day Birmingham - 2 days

Date: 27th March 2018

Course Description:

Care & Share Star Lecture Day - 2 day event
Wallie de Groote from Holland will be running the workshops, both workshops will be different and run from 10am until 6pm.
You can book either or both days.
27th March "Surprise Me" Wallie will have over 20 designs in 20 balloons.
What designs are inside the balloons that are popped will be explained with a few hands on.
28th March "Big and Impressive"
These will be designs made with 350Q and 646Q balloons.
Both days will be held at:
Benjamin's Banqueting Suite
Birmingham Street
B63 3HN
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Provider: Balloon Art Wholesale

Address: Sutton, Surrey.



Contact Name: Graham Lee

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Graham Lee