Qualatex World Tour - Hungary

Teacher: Keith Stirman CBA

Provider: Balloon World Hungary

Location: Qualatex World Tour Hungary 25 September 2017

Date: 25th September 2017

Course Description:


Join us for this exciting educational tour featuring an all-star line up of international instructors teaching new design ideas and techniques that will rock your business!

Each full day class will include:

Class notes handbook

Digital photos of designs taught in the class

Product lists for designs taught in the class

Top-notch education from the industry's best instructors

Marketing and business tips to grow your profits


Monday 25 September : Birthday Decor & More

More than 19million people around the world celebrate a birthday on any given day of the year! So birthday bouquets and designs can quickly become the cornerstone of any business. This course will cover everything from centerpieces to decor, and even balloon surprises for birthday parties!

Mystery Box Competition

Experience all of this, plus a chance to take part in a Mystery Box Competition. Each competitor will receive a box containing the same assortment of balloons and have 30 minutes to create a design piece using air, helium, or both. Judges will evaluate each entry on overall impression, design, construction, use of balloons, unity and harmony, as well as adherence to all rules, regulations, and guidelines.


Keith Stirman CBA
Distributor: Balloon World Hungary
Budapest, Hungary
0036 14391432
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Provider: Balloon World Hungary

Address: Becsi Road 267, 1037 Budapest, Hungary.

Telephone: 0036 143 91432

Email: sales@bwh.hu

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Keith Stirman


With more than 15 years experience twisting and entertaining with balloons, Keith Stirman, CBA, of The Balloon Brothers, is co-owner of the successful online/high street retail store, All Things Fun. In addition to winning several business awards, Keith & his partner have had their most popular decor pieces featured on the cover of Balloon Images magazine as well as in the Qualatex Calendar, which is distributed worldwide. As a magician, balloon twister and decorator, and general entertainer, Keith believes staying diverse is what keeps their business profitable - even in a tough economy.