Qualatex World Tour - Greece

Teacher: Luc Bertrand CBA

Provider: Lion Balloons

Location: Qualatex World Tour Greece 19 March

Date: 19th March 2017

Course Description:


Join us for this exciting educational tour featuring an all-star line up of international instructors teaching new design ideas and techniques that will rock your business!

Each full day class will include:

Class notes handbook

Digital photos of designs taught in the class

Product lists for designs taught in the class

Top-notch education from the industry's best instructors

Marketing and business tips to grow your profits


Saturday 18th March : Every Occasion Deserves Qualatex Master Class

This masterclass will provide you with a collection of great designs created using the Hottest New and Best Selling Products from Qualatex that you can promote to maximise your sales in 2017!

The class will focus on all those important everyday family occasions that generate good business opportunities for you like celebrating arrival of a new baby, children’s birthday’s, adult milestone birthday’s and major Spring/Summer 2017 movies releases such as Beauty & The Beast.

Profitable designs from Gum Ball Deco bubbles, to Funky designs using numbers foils and bouquets with special finishing touches I’m sure you will all be giving this class the thumbs up!

Sunday 19th March : Mastering Venue Decor

This course is designed to provide inspirational design ideas for decorating different types of venues, whether it is for big milestone birthdays, anniversaries or themed parties. The course will focus on the main parts of the venue that have the most importance to the client and where balloons can create the most impact, such as entrance, stage or dance floor, focal points, photo opportunities and table centerpieces. Delegates will gain confidence in designing and selling professional balloon décor, learn how to maximise sales by selling the benefits of balloon décor and will expand their balloon décor portfolio with new design ideas.

Mystery Box Competition

Experience all of this, plus a chance to take part in a Mystery Box Competition. Each competitor will receive a box containing the same assortment of balloons and have 30 minutes to create a design piece using air, helium, or both. Judges will evaluate each entry on overall impression, design, construction, use of balloons, unity and harmony, as well as adherence to all rules, regulations, and guidelines.


Luc Bertrand CBA

Distributor : Lion Balloon

Athens, Greece

0030 2105787345

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Provider: Lion Balloons

Address: D.B. Denegris & CO E.E, 26 Levidiou Str, GR121 32 Peristeri, Athens, Greece.

Telephone: 0030 2105733226

Email: lionball@otenet.gr

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Luc Bertrand


Over 17 years experience with balloons combined with both a creative and commercial schooling gave Luc a solid base for a successful business. Together with his wife Ines, Luc runs a renovated balloon shop in Belgium. Instructing balloons since 1996, he loves passing his knowledge onto others. Luc has won numerous awards for his balloon decor work and is known for his innovative compositions, techniques and commercial balloon creations for all types of clients. His biggest reward however, is seeing his designs being sold by colleagues.
Luc has been teaching for Pioneer® in over 35 different countries all over the world and was voted best overseas instructor at the Qualatex event 2001.