Qualatex World Tour - Ireland

Teacher: Alberto Falcone CBA

Provider: Pioneer Europe Ltd

Location: Qualatex World Tour Ireland 6-7 June

Date: 6th June 2017

Course Description:


Tuesday 6th June & Wednesday 7th June 2017

Join us for this exciting educational tour featuring an all-star line up of international instructors teaching new design ideas and techniques that will rock your business!

Each full day class will include:

Class notes handbook

Digital photos of designs taught in the class

Product lists for designs taught in the class

Top-notch education from the industry's best instructors

Marketing and business tips to grow your profits


Tuesday 6th June : Birthday Decor & More

More than 19million people around the world celebrate a birthday on any given day of the year! So birthday bouquets and designs can quickly become the cornerstone of any business. This course will cover everything from centerpieces to decor, and even balloon surprises for birthday parties!

Mystery Box Competition

Experience all of this, plus a chance to take part in a Mystery Box Competition. Each competitor will receive a box containing the same assortment of balloons and have 30 minutes to create a design piece using air, helium, or both. Judges will evaluate each entry on overall impression, design, construction, use of balloons, unity and harmony, as well as adherence to all rules, regulations, and guidelines.

Wednesday 7th June : Delightful Distortion with Alberto Falcone Masterclass

Learn different distortion techniques to create characters and charm your customers during this one day masterclass. Delegates need to have a good working knowledge of balloons in order to follow this fun and hands-on class that will be divided into four parts:

1. Bean Distortion. Get inspired with this unique distortion that is suitable for a wide range of applications.

2. QuickLink Busts. Impress your customers by giving them a very personalized product with this simple but effective technique.

3. 321Q Distortion and More. Learn and implement a new distortion technique that will amaze you for its simplicity and effectiveness in creating amazing shapes using exclusive 321Qs from Qualatex.

4. Bubble Chain. Give strong decorative accents to your daily compositions with this distortion technique applied to the Bubbles and Deco Bubbles.


Alberto Falcone CBA

Distributor : Irish Party Supplies

Co. Meath, Ireland
00353 (0)1-8010316
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Manufacturers and Distributors of Qualatex balloons.

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Alberto Falcone


"Sometimes it happens that curiosity becomes an interest, interest becomes a passion, passion becomes a job and a job becomes a great opportunity to learn a new language, to meet talented people and to make new friends”.  So says Alberto Falcone, and for him it happened in 1995 at a balloon seminar in Florence.  Following an enquiry to Pioneer about QBN & CBA, Alberto discovered that balloons could be a business, not just a hobby and soon after being awarded his CBA, he started teaching for Balloon Express Italy and had his first international opportunity at IBAC in 2003.

"I love working with balloons because through them it is possible to change the colour of the world and to know very happy people”. Alberto speaks Italian, French and fast-improving English. He has taught all over the world for Pioneer and projects his teaching method to delighted students no matter the language. "Every time I inflate a balloon I can put something special inside, like a sun ray, a butterfly tail, a fun thought..."