BACI 2017

Teacher: Luc Bertrand CBA , Sue Bowler CBA , Alberto Falcone CBA , Jose Lutman CBA , Enza Mondello CBA , Federico Onida CBA

Provider: Balloon Express Italy Srl

Location: BACI 2017 Italy 23- 26 April

Date: 23rd April 2017

Course Description:

BACI 2017 - Balloon Arts Convention Italy - 23-26 April 
Balloon Arts Convention Italy is one of the important balloon events in Europe!
23rd April - Medium Sculpture Competition
24th April - CBA Exam, other competitions and Opening Party
25th & 26th April - Classses
  • This year improve your marketing skills, discover ideas and design, find the right recipes for your balloon business!
  • Create an amazing display in your shop, organize your store as best as you can, make it a special place for customers!
  • Promote balloon décor for special occasions, events and happenings in your city, use your best pricing strategy to surprise your clients!
  • You will learn how make great or intimate décor or simple and "wow” balloon bouquets.
The teachers, our incredible and world renown staff, will be working with you throughout BACI, helping you to turn your ideas into reality!
The teachers are Alberto Falcone, Alberto Nava, Alessandro Patanè, Barbara Biagioni, Enza Mondello, Federico Onida, Josè Luthman, Luc Bertrand, Olga Baranova & Olga Samoilova and Sue Bowler.
The cost of the event is €395 + Vat before 31st December and €449 plus Vat from 1st January.
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Provider: Balloon Express Italy Srl

Address: Via Fiume 17, Firenze, 50123. Italy

Telephone: 0039 0556812122


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Balloon Express, make it special! 
Balloons, party and passion! 

Luc Bertrand


Over 17 years experience with balloons combined with both a creative and commercial schooling gave Luc a solid base for a successful business. Together with his wife Ines, Luc runs a renovated balloon shop in Belgium. Instructing balloons since 1996, he loves passing his knowledge onto others. Luc has won numerous awards for his balloon decor work and is known for his innovative compositions, techniques and commercial balloon creations for all types of clients. His biggest reward however, is seeing his designs being sold by colleagues.
Luc has been teaching for Pioneer® in over 35 different countries all over the world and was voted best overseas instructor at the Qualatex event 2001.

Sue Bowler


With a background as a qualified training instructor in the world of retail and a natural creative streak it is no surprise that after 22 years in the balloon industry Sue is one of the most popular and sought after balloon instructors. Having run a successful decor business and winning a number of competitions at different conventions from IBAC to BACI and Qualatex Events she has gone onto hold a number of positions within the balloon industry including 8 years as European Sales & Marketing Manager for Conwin Inc.  Sue now works primarily as an industry educator and social media columnist, representing the Qualatex brand and Pioneer Balloon Company at events and on the internet, sharing her knowledge, passion and design skills with balloon artists around the world!  

Sue's extensive variety of skills combined with her knowledge of business and the elements & principles of design make her classes ones not to be missed. Many of her designs have become great profit makers for balloon businesses Worldwide. Her field of expertise ranges from large decor to elegant wedding, from creative and elegant centrepieces to fun and appealing mini balloon sculptures.
At the World Balloon Convention in Dallas 2010, Sue received the first Golden Light Award given in honour of Linda Bruce.

Alberto Falcone


"Sometimes it happens that curiosity becomes an interest, interest becomes a passion, passion becomes a job and a job becomes a great opportunity to learn a new language, to meet talented people and to make new friends”.  So says Alberto Falcone, and for him it happened in 1995 at a balloon seminar in Florence.  Following an enquiry to Pioneer about QBN & CBA, Alberto discovered that balloons could be a business, not just a hobby and soon after being awarded his CBA, he started teaching for Balloon Express Italy and had his first international opportunity at IBAC in 2003.

"I love working with balloons because through them it is possible to change the colour of the world and to know very happy people”. Alberto speaks Italian, French and fast-improving English. He has taught all over the world for Pioneer and projects his teaching method to delighted students no matter the language. "Every time I inflate a balloon I can put something special inside, like a sun ray, a butterfly tail, a fun thought..."

Jose Lutman


Jose passed his CBA at the last Qualatex Event in 2005 in Amsterdam and he is now universally recognised as the Balloon Decorator in his home town of Mulhouse in France.

With a background in carpentry and a NVQ in Sales, after a shaky start in the franchise sector,  Jose attended a workshop organised by the franchisee and very quickly learnt about Qualatex, how to work with premium balloons and all the benefits of the QBN programme.

Starting as everybody else learning to tie knots, Jose gained a lot of knowledge by attending all the different and varied Qualatex courses. Today his passion, enthusiasm, knowledge and experience make him a very successful decorator and retailer, having created website that promotes the sales of balloon bouquets throughout France and supports all decorators engaged in delivering professional services to their clients. 

Enza Mondello


My first encounter with balloons was in 1993 when I attended the Qualatex event in Amsterdam and 5 fast years later, in 1998,I became a Balloon Express affiliate and opened my Balloon Express Shop in Patti, on the northern Sicilian coast.
In April 2003 at BACI in Florence Italy I became a CBA and began my teaching internship with Balloon Express/Qualatex and that led to teaching in Italy and finally abroad (JBAN 2011, Qualatex Event Oxford 2011, CMAG 2012, Qualatex seminars in Tokyo, Osaka and Singapore).
I have a great personal passion for this and work regularly as a Balloon Express Shop trainer and merchandiser, as well as an organizer and demonstrator for Balloon Express trade shows and showrooms.

I love developing new ideas for fresh and sellable compositions, this encouraged me to participate in national and international competitions, BACI and WBC, both individually and as part of the Balloon Express Italy team. I’m very proud of the many competitions I placed in and those I won, culminating in Master Designer of the Year at WBC 2012.  My favorite recent project has been coaching at the brand new Balloon Expresso in Miami Beach.  So beautiful and exciting!

Federico Onida


Federico, CBA, has had extensive experience in the world of entertainment since 1990: organising and performing in shows using stilts and juggling feats. His first experience with Balloon Art and classic no-round sculptures came about in 1996. He was then introduced to a great new world of balloon sculptures after meeting Balloon Express in 1999.
He has regularly attended "Balloon Art" courses in Florence since 1999, and he attended the IBAC in Chicago (USA) in March 2002 along with Alberto Falcone’s team and the WBC in Dallas (USA) in March 2011.
2003 marks the start of Federico's adventure into the world of teaching which includes variety of experiences over the following years such as courses about entertainment, theme parties with balloons, and techniques for both beginners and advanced in the use of balloons, held in both Florence, Sardinia, Palermo and Rome.
His teaching experience includes being asked to teach in Japan, 2008 (13th JBAN); in Poland, 2009 (Balonalia 09); in Spain, 2009 (B.A.C.I. in Madrid); in Budapest,  January  and June 2010; in France, 2011 and 2012 (Sunny Twist'n'Déco 2011 and 2012); in Malaysia, 2011 (Qualatex Event 11); in England, Oxford 2011 (The Qualatex Event UK); in Mexico (CMAG 2012).
He has won a vast array of awards including several national and international prizes: on ten different occasions winning first prize; coming second in seven others championships and taking third prize in two others.  His most recent wins were taking 1st and 2nd place in the WBC 2010 in Dallas, Texas - 1st  place for Large Sculpture competition as Designer: St. George and the Dragon; 2nd  place for "Figure” competition: Formica Rufa (Red Ant); and 2nd  place for "Figure” competition in B.A.C.I. 2011: The Wasp.
The latest wins were both in B.A.C.I. 2012: the 1st place for "Centerpiece” competition: Rio; and the 2nd  place for "Column” competition: Flamingheart.