Music Festivals Rock With Cloudbuster Balloons™

Music festivals are the perfect venue for balloons.  People listen to their favourite bands, have fun and balloons are a whimsical way to enhance that experience.  Pioneer Europe Ltd offers the perfect solution: Cloudbusters!


Cloudbusters come in three sizes: 4', 5.5', and 8' and are made with a blend of natural and synthetic latex, maximizing their float time.  Filled with helium, they can make a huge impact floating above an event or business.  As air-filled décor, they make it easy to fill the space in a large venue. With 18 colours to choose from, Cloudbusters can match or complement any motif.   Nikolett Forray of Balloon World Hungary recently used Cloudbusters to create a great effect for her client, the VOLT Festival, in Sopron, Hungary.


Balloon World Hungary has worked with the organisers of the VOLT Festival, Sziget, for many years. They often act as a party-product consultant to Sziget, providing them with products and design advice.  Even though they have partnered for years, getting the VOLT Festival job was kind of a fluke. "A week before the festival, the owner sent out an internal email asking if anyone knew about ‘huge balloons'" said Nikolett. "One of the ladies from the office forwarded his email to me, I told them we have huge balloons and sent them a sample. They loved Cloudbusters and ordered them for their festival right away!”


Nikolett and her team air-inflated the Cloudbusters at the festival and released several of them into the crowd.  Festival attendees loved them. "Rumour has it that of all the effects at the festival our big balloons were the best!” said Nikolett. "We’ve had amazing feedback and a few new job opportunities.”


For more information and to see the latest Cloudbusters flier, which includes four new colours, click here to download it.

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