Takes Personalised Balloons to the Next Level

Pioneer® Europe Limited is excited to announce the launch of in partnership with Dave Saunders from Bizzy Balloons. The web-based program allows consumers to design their very own high-quality, personalised photo balloon with 24-hour "click and collect” service. Once ordered, the designs are printed by Bizzy Balloons on Qualatex® Microfoil® balloons, which are then shipped uninflated to the retailer. Customers will receive an SMS message or email to confirm when they can collect at the store. 

Participating retailers in the program will gain a competitive advantage in the customised balloon space, opening the door to increased profit potential. Retailers will earn commission from sales of each photo balloon ordered. In addition to inflating the photo balloons, retailers are encouraged to offer a bouquet upgrade, as the border designs coordinate with existing Qualatex balloons. 

The interface is user-friendly and mobile-friendly, allowing the customer to easily personalise his or her balloon anytime, anywhere. Double-sided printing is offered on Microfoil rounds, stars and hearts, with a generous 16-inch printing area. Customers can further enhance their designs with a selection of coordinating borders and fun icons. 

Visit for more information and to register your store as a participating retailer in this exciting new programme or contact Pioneer Europe Ltd on 0800 28 12 15 for more information.


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