Qualatex® Balloons Featured in Covent Garden Art Installation

Qualatex® Balloons Featured in Covent Garden Art Installation
French artist combines The Very Best™ Balloons with world-class architecture for a symbolic statement

From 27th August until 27th September, the public will have a rare opportunity to see the first-ever public art installation by renowned French artist Charles Pétillon. When Covent Garden commissioned Pétillon to create the display, he knew he wanted to use Qualatex® balloons to fill the grand interior of the 18th Century Market Building. A commercial photographer by profession, Pétillon has been using balloons as a form of artistic expression for several years. "I find balloons are universal; everyone knows and recognizes them,” he said. "I like to express a deeper meaning with balloons.” 

Pétillon chose Qualatex balloons for this installation, having previously discovered that their high quality and durability are ideal for long-lasting displays. A total of 20 people—including his core team from France, students from the Royal College of Art, and balloon professionals from London—helped to inflate and install the 70,000 balloons. Due to the sheer quantity needed, Pétillon also partnered with Alliance Balloon Company, a Qualatex distributor in France. "They were very professional and have been most helpful,” he said. "They have given me a lot of advice along the way in the planning for this project.”

Titled Heartbeat, the 54-metre-long installation is a symbolic representation of Covent Garden’s history and cultural role as London’s first public square. It features White latex balloons in all available sizes, from 5" up to 3'. "I always use white balloons for contrast and to express purity,” Pétillon said. Pulsing lights within the balloon sculpture express the heartbeat, pulsating rhythm, and energy of the Covent Garden. 

Balloon professionals will have another opportunity to help with a similar large-scale project later this year. Held in conjunction with The Millennium Jam, the "Amazing Maze” build will take place 3-7 November in Belgium. Led by Didier Dvorak of Canniballoon, Switzerland, the project will feature thousands of Qualatex Quick Link Balloons™ and promises to transcend imaginations with its colossal size. For more details, visit www.millenniumjam.com/eng/the_project.php.

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