Pioneer expands its Disney product offerings in Europe!

Disney Qualatex® Latex Balloons Increase Profit Potential

Pioneer® Balloon Company and The Walt Disney Company have collaborated on a range of Disney latex balloons, as a result Pioneer has introduced 53 new Qualatex products across Europe. "This brings a new dimension to Disney theme parties, and creates an opportunity to expand our retail proposition," said Marie Gransbury, managing director for Pioneer® Europe Ltd. "Our new range of Disney latex balloons offers more decor opportunities as well as profitable coordinated bouquets with a high perceived value. We look forward to seeing what our customers will create with this new range."

Because Pioneer Balloon Company specialises in latex balloon manufacturing and printing, the latex Disney balloons are featuring an all-over print which is unique in the current marketplace offering. A selection of the most popular properties—including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Disney Princess, and Frozen— are now available in 5" and 11" rounds as well as 12" Quick Link Balloons™. The remaining properties are available in 11" rounds (6-ct. and 25-ct. bags). The variety of sizes increases the possibilities for large balloon decor such as arches, garlands, and walls.

With retailers and decorators in mind, the new range also coordinates with existing Disney Bubble Balloons, exclusive to Pioneer. The coordination across product lines allows for balloon creations with a higher perceived value that are more attractive to the end consumers.  

The first preview of Pioneer’s new Disney latex balloons took place earlier this year at the Nuremberg Toy Fair and the Spring Fair International and received a very positive response from different retailers. Pioneer Europe Ltd. is currently developing new educational courses and point of sale marketing materials specifically to highlight this new range of balloons, to be available later in the year. 

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