An insight to make the most of the Festive Season!

The Festive Season will be here before you know it! It’s important to prepare and plan ahead in order to enjoy success and maximize your Christmas and New Year’s sales. To help get you in the holiday frame of mind, we asked several customers to share some insight on how to make the most of the Festive Season.  Although they live in different countries and serve different markets, they all offer valuable advice for holiday marketing and design ideas.

Alison Welsh of Ali Welsh Events Ltd, UK
Andrea Nemeth of Balloons 4 You, Hungary 
Gilles Rinckel of Bulles d’Or, France

  • How important is Christmas/New Year season for your business?  
    Alison: The Christmas season is critical for my business.  From September to December the phone rings non-stop with clients who are organizing events for this time of the year. It’s a shame it all happens at once!
    Andrea: It is quite important, the third biggest season, after Graduation and Halloween, and before Valentines. We sell more balloons for New Year than for Christmas.
    Gilles: Christmas is more important for us than New Year, and it is one of the best seasons overall. Design by Alison Welsh cba
  • What kind of balloon decor do you tend to do for Christmas/New Year? 
    Alison: I have done so many different Chrismas balloon décor jobs over the last 20 years but one I always enjoy is the Savoy Hotels New Years Eve party. They have used bouquets, ceiling fills, exploding balloons, sculpture and are very open minded about their décor. It’s a great endorsement of balloon decoration when a venue as sophisticated as The Savoy chooses this medium to decorate with on such an important occasion.
    Andrea: We do mainly corporate event decor, for example, we often combine tapers with textiles, lights and glittery snowflakes. In our shop we sell balloon characters such as Santa Claus, Snow Men, Little Christmas Trees and pink pigs – symbol of lucky year - for New Year.
    Gilles: I do deco-sculpting for evenings with Santa Claus, reindeers, printed Bubbles,
    but the better business for me is hanging long lasting decor. I love to use Cloudbusters, Bubbles, Suprafoil balloons to create inside decor for large spaces such as car dealerships and supermarkets. This decor can be installed for one month and required no helium!
  • What new trends or changes have you noticed in the recent years for Christmas and New Year celebrations? Design by Gilles Rinckel cba
    I haven’t noticed many new trends other than using more air-filled décor to get the most out of the budget available and enabling us to be more creative. Going to WBC in Dallas gave me some valuable training in air filled décor and I came back and used it like crazy. There is of course more investment required in equipment to hold the décor up but this is a good investment that can be used for many years.
    Andrea: For New Year we use a lot of foil balloon decorations because they are longer lasting and offer a bigger visual impact. For Christmas we tend to combine latex balloons with light, it offers the wow effect and it gives warm, friendly feel that fits perfectly for Christmas Eve.
    Gilles: In recent years the biggest change for me has been the "last minute" orders but then it is something that is valid for all year round.
  • How far in advance do you start preparation work / marketing for this season?
    My first Christmas meetings tend to be in January! After that it’s September when everyone focuses back on to the months ahead. I am in the middle of all these meetings now and clients need figures to get budgets signed off and make sure their plans are going to be approved.
    Andrea: Immediatelly after Halloween, beginning of November.
    Gilles: I think the better time to market for Christmas/New Year is September. In my area everyone restarts their projects after their summer holidays.
  • If you could share one piece of advice with your fellow colleagues to make this season successful what would it be?  Design by Andrea Nemeth cba
    Alison: Plan ahead, order stock and labour as early as possible and maximize the opportunity that Christmas brings. Also keep it simple. Often there are very short turnaround times inbetween events at this time of year. Don’t sell stuff you can’t install in time. Helium filled bouquets, air filled columns, table centrepieces are highly profitable and will serve you well in the Christmas season.
    Andrea: Make many delivery designs to decorate your shop and windows! People buy what they see, so show them what you want to sell.
    Gilles: Think long lasting inside décor! Don't forget to give out your business cards and that customer satisfaction is key to receive repeat business.

Photo images courtesy of Alison Welsh cba, Gilles Rinckel cba & Andrea Nemeth cba.
Thank you to Alison, Gilles and Andrea for sharing your thoughts. 

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