Decorators share advice for Corporate Success

Balloon decorators have plenty of opportunities for year-round jobs including birthday parties, graduations, weddings, and holidays. But in addition to providing services for private parties, decorators can tap into additional profit potential in the corporate marketplace. From supermarkets and restaurants, to car dealerships and shopping malls, companies everywhere have a need to call attention to their events and promotions.

Several seasoned balloon decorators have revealed some of their tips for building relationships with corporate clients. Matthew John Lewis, CBA, of Matthew Lewis Displays in Coventry, United Kingdom, has been in business for 23 years and his corporate clientele includes hotel groups, car manufacturers, large department stores, and several retail chains.

"I find that they best way [to market my business] is to be a preferred supplier to the various venues or hotels,” Matt said. "If you look after these venues, they will look after you and refer you to the prospective clients.” He went on to stress the importance of catering to the client’s every need, as well as staying in contact with them regularly. With several business Facebook profiles, a Twitter account, and a blog, Matt is also a strong believer in using social media to grow business.

Rocky Toomey, CBA, and Terry Mulryan Toomey, CBA, of Future Affairs Productions in East Providence, RI, USA, also have a long history with corporate clients. Building on nearly 30 years of experience, Rocky and Terry provided the following steps to corporate success:

1. Know what questions to ask the client in advance so you can evaluate their needs.
2. Make the site visit count by being organized and getting all the information you need.
3. Build a proposal that’s easy to understand, meets the client’s objectives, and can’t be refused.
4. Determine your presentation format (PowerPoint, Keynote, video conferencing, etc.).
5. Prepare the contract, making sure it includes an itemized listing of services and products.
6. Produce and deliver.
7. Recap after the event to evaluate what went right (or wrong).
8. Say "Thank You” to the client after the event.

With planning, professionalism, patience, and persistence, balloon decorators can "climb the corporate ladder” to reach higher profits with these clients.

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