London Prepares 2012

With the Olympics following hot on the heels of  the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, there were many great opportunities to maximise sales and sell lots of Qualatex balloons!  One decorator has been exceptionally busy: Lucy Hennessy CBA of Balloon Power, together with fellow Capel Manor tutor Wendy McKeown and ex Capel Manor student Kassandra Charles, organised the balloon release for the opening of the Olympic Park on 2nd May.

Lucy and her team worked for just under two hours in freezing temperatures on the concrete under the stadium in order to release 1,000 white Qualatex balloons at 9:30pm - exactly 2012 hours before the start of the Games.
Lucy says of the experience: "Personally this meant a lot to me as I grew up not far from Stratford in East Ham, East London. Walking out into the stadium in front of 40,000 people was amazing and the atmosphere was electric. It was such a wonderful feeling knowing I was taking part in a piece of history while doing a job I truly love.”  There will be lots more opportunities with corporate clients this summer, Ready, steady, go! Be a winner too!

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