Air filled Designs – Qualatex top tips and inspiring designs

From time to time, helium can be difficult to source and Qualatex are here to help you find exciting ways to develop fantastic air-filled designs.  

Here are some tips about the advantages of air-filled balloon displays:

  • Air-filled balloons and arrangements are especially long-lasting and can be made in advance, saving you precious time. Air-filled Microfoils and Bubbles are extremely effective and, when done right, can be just as attractive as any helium design.
  • Air-filled designs make cost-effective and impressive in-store displays and window displays,   helping to promote sales.
  • Making a design with all air-filled balloons can often encourage you to be more creative, meaning your designs will have more perceived value in your customers' eyes.
  • Many types of characters and 646Q stand-ups can be made with air, and can be customised for any occasion.
To set your business apart from others who rely solely on helium-filled bouquets and arrangements, it is always a good idea to have a variety of air-filled designs in your portfolio, so you can be prepared in case helium is not readily available when you need it.

With the Qualatex co-ordinating range of products, you can be sure to find many products to inspire you.

Download everyday and seasonal ideas from here.  More designs can be found on the recipe section or the gallery. To learn more attend our demonstration days and training programmes

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