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Recipe of the Month

New Year's Confetti Column

1      30" (76cm) "New Year Confetti Dots” Gold Latex Balloons 19174

5      12" (30cm) Diamond Clear Quick Link Balloons65273

5      11" (28cm) "New Year Confetti Dots” Assorted Latex Balloons 22741

8      11" Onyx Black Latex Balloons 43737

24      5" (13cm) Onyx Black Latex Balloons 43548

4        5" Gold Latex Balloons 43560

Sand weight

Air Filled Construction Base

260Q Flower

Twisting Techniques

321Q Inflation

How to curl a 260Q

Duplets and Clusters

Super Stuffer

Latex Inflation

Microfoil Balloon Inflation

Bubble Balloon Inflation